Corsica Flower Bridge Planter Set - Set of Two

Flower Planters For Banisters or Fences

Now you can add decor to any garden, fence, patio, or balcony. The Corsica Flower Bridge Planter Set is able to coexists with outdoor structures in a gracious way without drilling or the use of screws. These planters will fit on balustrade, banisters or fence railing up to 2.5 inches in diameter and do not require any additional tools, clamps or feet. Simply using the spacer to secure the planter to the railing to prevent accidental tip-over. The Corsica Flower Bridge Planter Set has two separate compartments so different types of plants can be grown in the same planter. Set of two planters, made of 100% weatherproof resin and is available in white, fuchsia, caramel, red, anthracite, metallic blue, forest green, terracotta and metallic black.

Flower Bridge Planter - White
Flower Bridge Planter - Fuchsia
Flower Bridge Planter - Caramel
Flower Bridge Planter - Red
Flower Bridge Planter - Anthracite
Flower Bridge Planter - Metallic Blue
Metallic Blue
Flower Bridge Planter - Forest Green
Forest Green
Flower Bridge Planter - Terracotta
Flower Bridge Planter - Metallic Black
Metallic Black
Features of Corsica Flower Bridge Planter Set
  • Dimensions: 10.5 in high x 11.5 in diameter
  • Fits on every balustrade, banister or fence with a maximum diameter of 2.5 inches
  • Comes with spacers to secure and stablize the planter
  • Two separate chambers so combined planting can be done easily
  • Available in 9 modern colors
  • 100% weatherproof resin
  • 1yr Limited Warranty

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