Commercial 2-3/8in O.D. Non Wrap Metal Ductile Pipe Hanger

for Steel Metal Swing Sets or Playsets

This non wrap swing hanger have been redesigned with a smoother top to better meet more stringent protrusion regulations. These non wrap hangers help prevent swing chains from getting caught on top of swing sets and wrapping around the 2-3/8" O.D. pipe. This is a safety issue that helps keep the stress from the chain and fasteners, and keeps the motion on the swing hanger, where it belongs. Since there are two halves to these hangers, than can be attached or replaced without dismantling the swing set.

Pipes are sold/labled for their inside diameter. A inside 2 inch diameter schedule 40 pipe is 2-3/8in outside diameter with a 7-3/4in in Circumference. This product should last at least 2 years in severe conditions and up to 5 years in most typical conditions.

Do not torque more than 25ft-lbs. when installing. Tensile strength is 8900 lbs. A H175 wrench will be needed to open or close the tamper proof bolt.

You will need to order a quantity of two (2) hangers for each swing on your metal playset!

Features of 2-3/8in O.D. Non Wrap Pipe Swing Hanger
  • Designed to fit a 2-3/8 inch Outside Diameter Pipe
  • Commercial Grade
  • National Test Lab Results: 5000 lbs
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

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