Custom Sandbox Covers - Poured Rubber Vinyl
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Custom Sandbox Covers - Poured Rubber Vinyl

18 oz Poured Rubber Vinyl

New and improved 18oz poured rubber vinyl custom sandbox cover/tarp to fit your existing swing set or fort sandbox! can make your sandbox cover to nearly any size that you may need. Only the best materials are used to make these covers, including 18 oz Poured Rubber vinyl along with the reinforced cut-outs. Your choice of stainless steel snaps or grommets that are pre-sewn into the tarp for easy attachment are also shown in the pictures below or you can opt for no fasteners.

18oz Poured Rubber Vinyl

Sandbox Cover Features
Corner Cutouts
Corner Cutouts
Snap Enclosure
Snap Enclosure
Brass Grommet
Brass Grommet

Custom Sandbox Covers usually take 10 to 14 business days to ship and 3-9 days more to be delivered. Please make sure you supply accurate outside edge to outside edge dimensions of the sandbox. Measurements will be accurate to within 1 inch.   

Sandbox Cover Example - Suppose you have a 60"x72" sandbox (measured outside edge to outside edge) with 4x4 posts in each corner and you want it to drop down the outside of the sandbox wall 3 inches:  The finished cover will be 66" x 78" with 8-1/2" square cutouts on each corner.   The 8-1/2" cutout is enough to accommodate the 3" drop,  1-1/2" for the sandbox wall which is usually made of a 2x? piece of wood (We will need the width of the supporting boards) and 4" for the post.   We know that a 4"x4" post is actually 3.5"x3.5", but the extra 1/2" gives you a little wiggle room.

Orders placed via a PHONE CALL WILL NEED TO COMPLETE a Measurement Form. Orders completed, online below, may not require this form.

Fill out and fax completed form to 901-531-8145 or take a picture with your smart phone and email it to email at the bottom of this page.

All custom sandbox covers are made to your specifications.   Therefore all sales are final.   No refunds or returns can, or will, be accepted.

Features of Poured Rubber Sandbox Covers - Custom
  • Heavy Duty 18oz Poured Rubber
  • All Vinyl is made of laminated material with Mildew Retardant added
  • Triple layered construction with poured rubber and a nylon mesh center,
  • Full UV Protection
  • Waterproof and Weather Resistant (note: Multiple color covers may leak at the seams)
  • Available in Green, Blue,
  • Grommets or Snaps will be positioned approximately 12-16 inches apart depending on the length of each side
  • To determine the square footage of the cover you need multiply the length in inches x the width in inches then divide that total by 144.

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