Electric Grills and Smokers

Electric Grills and Smokers

Outdoor Smokers and Smokehouses

Why choose an Electric Grill or Smoker? The benefits of using an electric grill or smoker as opposed to a gas or charcoal grill are significant. First, Electric Grills and Smokers are much safer to use. They do not require the use of flammable liquids, and they are very convenient to operate because there is never a need to buy charcoal or gas tanks to fill.

In addition, Electric Grills and Smokers cook food more evenly than a gas or charcoal grill. The electric coils maintain a constant temperature that's easy to control, so you won't get hot spots or flare-ups. Your meats and vegetables will be thoroughly cooked for a reliable and delicious result.

Finally, Electric Grills and Smokers are much safer for the environment, emitting 99 percent less carbon monoxide than charcoal grills, and they reduce carbon dioxide by 91 percent over charcoal and 21 percent over propane.

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Electri-Chef Safire<br>Grill
Electri-Chef Safire
Price: $999.99
Sale Price: $695.00

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