GardenGlo Lighted Planters

GardenGlo Lighted Planters

Outdoor Lighted Planters

Create a container garden where the container is just as unique and beautiful as the collection of plants inside. Beautiful, weatherproof, GardenGlo Lighted Planters are a fun and practical way to bring ambient light and natural beauty to any of your outdoor spaces. GardenGlo Lighted Planters give you the freedom to be creative, too. Use it as a decorative ice chest (bottom plug not included) for parties, picnics, and family get togethers. Or, fill the planter with attractive shells or stones, top it with a piece of round beveled glass, and use it as a funky side table on the patio or deck. The creative possibilities are endless!

GardenGlo Lighted Planters come in electric or solar powered varieties. Both the Electric Powered GardenGlo Planter and the Solar Powered Planter measure 21" diameter x 20" tall, are constructed of clarified resin, and come in a variety of vibrant colors. The electric powered planter comes with a 12 foot cord, plug, and a 4,000 hour 9 watt fluorescent lamp. The solar powered planter comes with a separate solar control unit that can be mounted to a ground stake for positioning in direct sunlight to power 6 super bright LED bulbs. GardenGlo Lighted Planters can also be plugged into one another for running in series.

GardenGlo Lighted Planters bring a unique touch to your outdoor living areas, but they can also be used indoors. No matter where you decide to use your lighted planters, they will add style and character to your home.

These items have been discontinued and none are in stock!

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