Sidepost Umbrella Ground Insert Base
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Sidepost Umbrella Ground Insert Base

For FIM Sidepost Umbrellas

The FIM Ground Insert Base provides exceptional support for FIM Sidepost Umbrellas in windy areas or a commercial setting. This base is near mandatory for most contract or commercial installations. The lower Base sleeve is mounted into concrete and presents a flush surface when the umbrella support tube is removed, eliminating any tripping hazard. The Ground Insert Base works with all series FIM Sidepost Umbrellas and their Flexy Awnings.

FIM Ground Insert Sleeve

Installing FIM Ground Insert Base


  • Quick set ready mix concrete (please consult with your building supply store for exact quantity)
  • 2 gallon mixing bucket
  • Small hand shovel or trowel
  • 1 piece of 2x6, 18-20" long
  • 2 - 4" C-clamps
  • Carpenter's Level


  1. Clamp the ground insert base with the flat top plate to the center of the 2x6.
  2. Determine exact location for the umbrella base.
  3. Once the proper location for the base has been established, prepare a hole approximately 12x12" square and 24" deep, and fill it with quick-set ready-mix concrete (Sakrete) to about 1" below the surface level. Make sure to follow the mixing instructions carefully.
  4. Lower the sleeve with the board clamped to it into the hole until the 2x6 rests on the surrounding ground, suspending the sleeve in the wet concrete. This way it is assured that the top of the plate is flush with the ground once the concrete has set. Tap the top of the board above the sleeve with several quick hammer strokes. This vibrates the concrete and assures a perfect bond between concrete and metal.
  5. Use the carpenter's level to check if the top of the 2x6 is exactly level in all directions. If it is not, simply use shims or wedges to raise the board where necessary. Complete this step carefully, as the umbrella post might appear to "lean" if the base is not installed plumb.
  6. Let the concrete set overnight. Remove the board and make sure not to knock the sleeve hard (concrete takes up to 7 days to cure). Cover the open screw holes on top of the base plate with masking tape.
  7. Fill the remaining space up to the top plate with some ready mix. Tap it in nicely, and finally drag your 2x6, held on edge, across the base with a zigzag motion to smooth the surface. Let it sit for a few hours and then clean off the top plate with a damp cloth. Make sure to let the concrete cure for at least 3 days in warm conditions, and up to 7 days if the temperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 degrees Celsius.

PFD Ground Insert Base Guide

Features of FIM Ground Insert Base - GIB
  • Compatible with: R, C & P series, as well as Flexy
  • NOT compatible with: Zen or Twin series
  • Color: Yellow Zinc
  • Dimensions: 5" x 5" x 11"
  • Includes: Qty=4 M10 mounting bolts with washers

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