Mighty Wave Slide
(Mighty Wave Slide Blue)

Mighty Wave Slide

Residential Single Piece Wave Slide - 4ft or 5ft Decks

Green Mighty Wave Slide
Green Mighty Wave Slide

Mighty Wave Slide gets its name because it is rated for 300lbs. It isnt going to bend or buckle like most other big box wave slides rated for 120-160lbs. Your children are much safer. You can mount it to a deck with an opening as little at 18" wide. The bottom flares out a bit to prevent the slide from turning sideways. The bottom also has a hole for you to stake it into position. (stake not included) This helps to prevent the bottom from being picked up or traveling side to side and causing the top from tearing away from the deck. What a great way to prolong the life of the slide!

Plastic slides are preferred over metal slides for most play equipment, due to their lower thermo dynamics and heat transfer properties. Plastic slides may still become as hot as metal, they insulate better and do not transfer the heat as quickly. Because of these properties, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends plastic slides and plastic surfaces over bare metal.

Regardless of lower heat transfer properties, plastic slides can still become hot enough, in extreme temperatures and direct sunlight, to cause burns. They are safe, tried and true, but as is the case with any and all playground equipment, parents and supervisors must monitor the children in their care, to make certain that the equipment is safe and appropriate for their age

IMPORTANT: Please read for important information. In this material we have tried to provide some requirements stated in the CPSC Handbooks, ASTM F2373-11, F1487-11 and F1148-09. However, we in no way intend for this to be a complete list of requirements. Also these publications are updated frequently with changes therefore, you should read these publications yourself to determine if any part or installation could prove a danger to a child. All slide are tested for lead, phthalates and tensile strength. For more information or view CPSC Playground Safety Handbook.

This is for children 2 - 12 years old only. Adults should supervise children at all times. Do not allow children to stand on or use unsafely. Do not allow it to be used if damaged. Instruct children to never run up the slide and to slide down feet first.

Features of Mighty Wave Slide
  • Injection Molded - Residential Use Only
  • Weight Limit: 300lbs
  • Stake Hole on Bottom to prevent slide movement
  • Top Width: 17.5"
  • Inside Seat: 13"
  • Sides: 4.5" deep
  • Bottom Width: 19.25"
  • Bottom Seat Height: 10"
  • Colors: Blue or Green
  • Decks heights: 4ft or 5ft
  • 1 Year Warranty

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