Custom Sandbox Covers - Commercial 95
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Custom Sandbox Covers - Commercial 95

Outdoor Sand Box Covers / Tarp More Rugged than most others

The Commercial 95 material is the best alternative for your custom sandbox cover if you are looking for a light weight easy to handle sandbox cover. can make your sandbox cover to nearly any size that you may need. Only the best materials are used to make these covers, including the Commercial 95 fabric. We offer the Commercial 95 Custom made to fit almost any shape in a variety of colors. Keeping the sandbox area clean is important, with this material it is still able to get air and breath which will eliminate mold and mites to grow in the sand.

The Commercial 95 features 340 grams per square meter, high density polyethylene knitted fabric specially designed to breath. This state of the art material carries a 10 year warranty. It is unaffected by moisture and natural temperature extremes. And because the Commercial 95 fabric is knitted, not woven, it won't tear or fray. This material is NOT waterproof, it is knitted to allow water seepage thru the cover over a period of time. Pooling should not be a problem with this design in the fabric. Your choice of stainless steel snaps or grommets that are pre-sewn into the tarp for easy attachment are also shown in the pictures below or you can opt for no fasteners along with the reinforced cutouts.

Custom Sandox Cover - Commercial 95 Colors

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Aquamarine Commercial 95 Shade Fabric
(New in 2024)
Aquatic Blue Commercial 95 Shade Fabric
Aquatic Blue
Black Commercial 95 Shade Fabric
Bluebird Commercial 95 Shade Fabric
(New in 2024)
Bright Green Commercial 95 Shade Fabric
Bright Green
Brown Commercial 95 Shade Fabric
Brown *
Brunswick Green Commercial 95 Shade Fabric
Brunswick Green
Cayenne Commercial 95 Shade Fabric
Cayenne *
Cedar Commercial 95 Shade Fabric
Cedar *
Charcoal Commercial 95 Shade Fabric
(New in 2024)
Cherry Red Commercial 95 Shade Fabric
Cherry Red
Desert Sand Commercial 95 Shade Fabric
Desert Sand
Driftwood Commercial 95 Shade Fabric
(New in 2024)
Gun Metal Gray Commercial 95 Shade Fabric
Gun Metal Gray
Natural White Commercial 95 Shade Fabric
Natural White
Navy Blue Commercial 95 Shade Fabric
Navy Blue
Ochre Red Commercial 95 Shade Fabric
Ochre Red
Orange Commercial 95 Shade Fabric
Rivergum Commercial 95 Shade Fabric
Royal Purple Commercial 95 Shade Fabric
Royal Purple *
Sky Blue Commercial 95 Shade Fabric
Sky Blue
Steel Gray Commercial 95 Shade Fabric
Steel Gray
Stone Commercial 95 Shade Fabric
(New in 2024)
Turquoise Commercial 95 Shade Fabric
White Commercial 95 Shade Fabric
(New in 2024)
Yellow Commercial 95 Shade Fabric
* Denotes discontinued a color by fabric manufacturer, but we currently have it in stock. Good while supplies last.

Custom Com95 Sandbox Cover Features

The Drop down the sandbox walls
The DROP down the wall
Snap Sandbox Attachment
Snap Sandbox Attachment
Brass Grommet Attachement
Brass Grommet Attachement
Double Stitched Seams
Double Stitched Seams
Sandbox Corner Cutouts
Sandbox Corner Cutouts

Sandbox Cover Example - Suppose you have a 60"x72" sandbox (measured outside edge to outside edge) with 4x4 posts in each corner and you want it to drop down the outside of the sandbox wall 3 inches:  The finished cover will be 66" x 78" with 8-1/2" square cutouts on each corner.   The 8-1/2" cutout is enough to accommodate the 3" drop,  1-1/2" for the sandbox wall which is usually made of a 2x? piece of wood (We will need the width of the supporting boards) and 4" for the post.   We know that a 4"x4" post is actually 3.5"x3.5", but the extra 1/2" gives you a little wiggle room.

If you DO NOT have a Rectangle/Square sandbox and/or the custom sandox cover options at the bottom of this page cannot fulfull your need, then used this form.
Sandbox Covers Quote Request
Fill out and fax completed form to 901-531-8145 or you can scan it or take a picture with your smart phone and email it to email at the bottom of this page.

Check out our Standard Sized Mesh Vinyl Sandbox Covers if you have a 4x4, 5x5 or 6x6 Square Sandbox with 4 x 4 posts.

All custom sandbox covers are made to your specifications.   Therefore all sales are final.   No refunds or returns can, or will, be accepted  

Features of Commercial 95 Sandbox Covers - Custom
  • Made of HDPE Mesh Commercial 95 - Will NOT pool water
  • 20 Colors Choices
  • Cutouts have reinforced inside corners to resist tearing.
  • Stainless Steel Snaps (screw studs included) or Brass Grommets Fasteners
  • Fasteners will be positioned approximately 12-16 inches apart depending on the length of each side
  • Up to 98% UV Protection
  • 10 Yr Fabric Warranty against Rot, Mildew & Decay
  • 2 Year Full Warranty
  • To determine the square footage of the cover you need multiply the length in inches X the width in inches then divide that total by 144.

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