Designer Solar Shades - Sandalwood

Designer Solar Shades - Sandalwood

Outdoor Solar Window Shades

Coolaroo® Designer Solar Shades are knitted of PVC coated all-weather polyethylene fabric that keeps out 92% of UV rays, yet allows air through. That combination reduces the indoor temperature, and also allows some light to filter in so you can keep an eye on the outside. Designer Solar Shades are now available in select sizes. These are the same window shades as the Custom Solar Shades and are available in 4, 6, 8 & 10 foot widths (fabric width). All of the stock Designer shades are 6 feet long. Designer shade fabric stops the sun's heat before it strikes your window, thus reducing the heat transfer. As a result, your home or business stays cooler. Reduces room temperatures from 20-25% when mounted on the outside of the window, saving energy and money.

Roll up Shades block the sunlight, but not your view. Protection from prying eyes is an additional benefit of Designer Sun Shade fabric, allowing you the utmost in daytime privacy (under most conditions) you will be able to see out, but no one can see in. This is not a "blackout" shade; light will filter through.

All Stock size Designer window shades are measured by fabric width and the brackets will add 2.75" to the overall width. Brackets are universal and they will work for ceiling (top mount), or wall (side mount). You will need 2 1/4" tall x 3" away from surface to mount these brackets.

These Designer Solar Shades are easily raised or lowered with a smooth action roller clutch mechanism designed to provide a smooth, even roll even when exposed to extreme weather conditions. Stainless Steel "Tie-Downs" come in the bottom rail so you can easily secure your blind especially during those windy days.

Only Coolaroo Window Shades feature Coolaroo's unique Commercial Grade knitted fabric specially designed to breathe and keep you cooler and more comfortable in hot weather. This state of the art material blocks up to 90% of the sun's harmful rays, yet it remains totally unaffected by moisture and natural temperature extremes. And because the Coolaroo fabric is knitted, not woven, it won't tear or fray. These will most likely be the longest lasting outdoor window shades you will ever buy. Save money and your precious belongings with Designer Roll up Shades.

The stock size shades do NOT come with a matching valance and valances are not available with these shades and carry a 3 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.

This is a discontinued color and now is no longer be available.

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