Sand Anchor for Beach Canopy or Tent - 4 pack
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Sand Anchor for Beach Canopy or Tent - 4 pack

How to secure your Instant / EZ up shade canopy on a beach.

Sand Anchors, sometime referred to as a Deadman Snow Anchors, are an innovative and simple way to anchor your tent in conditions that are too soft for conventional anchors, such as in sand or snow. Each anchor is made of an 8in by 8in marine grade vinyl square with 1in webbing straps. In just five easy steps, your tent will be securely anchored, and you can start enjoying your vacation experience, whether it be in warm sand or cold snow.

Anchors are used to secure your instant pop up canopies, kites, party balloons, and dog leashes. In addition, they can be used in the snow as deadman anchors for your tent. These anchors are lightweight and easy to transport in a backpack or tote bag. They are also very durable, so there are no worries about your gear being secure. Leave your stress behind when you bring these lightweight Sand Anchor along!

Anchor Instructions
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Sand Anchor - Dig a hole
Step 1: Dig a hole approx 12 inches deep into ground.
Sand Anchor - Lay flat in hole
Step 2: Place the anchor into the hole with straps positioned up along the side of the hole with a few inches left out of the hole.
Sand Anchor - Fill Hole
Step 3: Cover the anchor completely and pat down the ground material flat.
Sand Anchor - Attach Line
Step 4: Attach tent line to both anchor
straps and adjust tension.
Sand Anchor - Adjust tension Snugly
Step 5: Tie tent line and repeat with
the rest of the anchors.
Features of Sand Anchors
  • Constructed of marine grade vinyl
  • 1in webbing straps
  • Anchor tents in soft materials, like sand and snow, in which traditional anchors do not work
  • Easy to set up
  • Can be used in temperatures down to -65 degrees
  • Each anchor can hold up to 150 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 8in x 8in (vinyl square)
  • Color varies
  • Set of four

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