Outdoor Mats - All Weather Mat

Outdoor Mats - All Weather Mat

Beautiful Indoor / Outdoor Braided Doormat Made of 100% Polypropylene

Finding just the right doormat for your front or back porch or patio can be a hassle, and finding a doormat that will last for more than one season can be an even bigger challenge. Over the course of a year, rain, mildew, insects, and heavy use can take their toll on even sturdy doormats, leaving them looking worn out and ragged far sooner than you had expected.

With hand-crafted, tightly woven, and natural looking 100% Polypropylene Rope Doormats from BackyardCity.com, you can dress up your front porch, back patio, deck, sunroom, or any busy area of your home and feel confident that your doormat will maintain its good looks and function. Our 100% Polypropylene doormats, unlike doormats that contain natural fibers, will not retain water or attract insects. Resistant to mildew and to the ravages of salt water, our doormats are an ideal choice for pool areas and boats, too. Polypropylene is an extremely rugged material that holds up well to active use over time, and it is wonderfully easy to clean. Simply shake any loose dirt from the mat and hose it down with water.

In addition, hand-crafted Doormats from BackyardCity.com are available in 27 beautiful, colorfast hues ranging from traditional shades of brown, gray, black, and green to colors with a more playful and unique flair such as purple, federal blue, and orange. With so many colors from which to choose, and with 7 different sizes available for each color, you are sure to find just the right doormat for your specific needs.

Take a closer look at our Outdoor Doormat Sizes by clicking on the pictures below.

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