Manhattan Resin Patio Lamps

Manhattan Resin Patio Lamps

Decorative Outdoor Patio Lighting

Endless summers and entertaining with these stylish outdoor patio lamps. All weather proof and long electrical cords make these lamps a must have for your patio or deck. Table lamps have 16 ft. cord, and floor lamps have a 12 ft cord. Dimmer switch lets you control the amount of brightness. Uses standard light bulbs up to 100 watt. {light bulbs not included.

You will love the added touch of style and character that these floor and table lamps will bring to your patio or deck area. They are sturdy and will last for years. Nothing is more practical for lighting up an outdoor area and for entertaining your friends after dark. Since they are designed for outdoor use, you will find these lamps are functional and decorative for your porch or deck area.

Available in the 60 inch tall Floor Lamp or the 35 inch tall Table Lamp

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