Hexagon Cedar Gazebo Kit - 8ft
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Hexagon Cedar Gazebo Kit - 8ft

Do it Yourself Wood Gazebo Kit

The Hexagon Gazebo is not only a fantastic addition to any backyard living area, but it is also easy to assemble. Available in a panelized version or pre cut, you can assemble your 8ft gazebo in just a few days and be ready to entertain friends and family in your new backyard living space. This Hexagon Gazebo (six sides) is an affordable and elegant addition to any home. Accentuate your backyard setting with our most popular 8 ft model, which is cozy and perfect for sharing that special moment. The 8ft Hexagon Gazebo is our best seller and the perfect choice for entertaining outdoors

Available options, such as the 2-tier roof (available in pre-cut only!), cupola, benches, or screen kit, allow you to personalize your new gazebo. Many customers have added lighting and other personal touches to create a complete backyard room suitable for all your friends or family members. This gazebo kit comes with a unique tongue and groove ceiling system, and the roof comes with cedar shingles already attached. The panelized kit comes with panels ready to be screwed together with no cutting involved. Just a little bit of elbow grease, and you can easily assemble your new gazebo and have fun doing it. Pre cut kits start around $3,200.

Precut Kits should take 2-5 days to complete, depending on the model. All pieces are precision cut, so no additional cutting is required. All kits come with detailed assembly instructions. An assembly video is included with the Hexagon and Octagon Gazebos.

Panelized Kits should take approximately 1 to 2 days to complete. The floor, baluster, and roof sections are pre-assembled. The panelized kits are designed to be completed quickly and easily. Each model comes complete with detailed assembly instructions.

Click the following link for information on Preparing the Foundation For Your Gazebo.

Click here to view the Hexagon Gazebo Spec Sheet
Click here to view the Hexagon Gazebo Instruction Manual

Hexagon Gazebo

Features of Hexagon Gazebo Kit - 8ft
  • Constructed of Western Red Cedar
  • All framing components are nomimal 2x4 in size
  • Wall posts consist of (2) 2x4 fastened together
  • Weight: 1,300 lbs
  • Area: 85 sf
  • Height, Single Tier, No Cupola: 9ft 10in
  • 2-Tier Roof Height: 10ft 10in
  • 2-Tier Roof Height with Cupola: 11ft 10in
  • Railing Height: 3ft 1in
  • Entrance Width: 50" x 73"
  • Optional Accessories: 2-Tier Roof, Cupola, Benches (5) and Screen Kit
  • Door Opening with Screen Kit: 34 inches x 79 inches

  • Sold Out - Mfg. has decided not to make this product in 2022 due to Covid supply issues with red cedar.

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  • Hex Gazebo with 2-Tier Roof and cupola
    2-Tier Roof Option
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  • Hex Gazebo with Bench Kit
    Bench Kit Option
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    Hex Gazebo with Screen Kit and Cupola
    Gazebo with Screen Kit
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