Electric, Radiant Outdoor Patio Heaters

Electric, Radiant Outdoor Patio Heaters

Patio Heaters for Residential and Commercial Use

Electric and Radiant outdoor patio heaters make a good alternative to propane, gas, and portable patio heaters. Most electric outdoor heaters can be permanently installed, thereby eliminating the need for storage and maintenance. Simply turn the heater on when needed and the heater provides enough heat to keep you, your guests, or your customers warm and comfortable.

Electric, radiant heat is based on the same natural effect that the sun provides, warming people and objects and not just the air in between. Turn the heater on and heat is radiated at maximum power and operates at one of the highest efficiency levels of any heater available on the market. This makes it economical, efficient, and effective. Radiant, electric heaters provide instant heat with no or very little warm up time, and they are safe, odorless, and virtually maintenance free.

These innovative electric and radiant heaters use shortwave heating technology which provides radiant heat energy, instantly warming people and solid objects within the beam of heat and not just the air surrounding the heater itself. These types of heaters are perfect for bistros, patios, balconies, garages, storage rooms, and more.

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