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About Tortuga Outdoor Furniture Products

d Tortuga Products are suppliers of the finest, most innovative range of indoor-outdoor furniture available on the market. The rust-proof, lightweight, reinforced aluminum frame provides excellent stability and versatility for dining or lounging and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The resin synthetic wicker is hand-woven and provides comfortable support with a stylish look, minus the risk of any splinters. The quality is guaranteed and there is a limited 2 year warranty on all residential products.
d Tortuga's synthetic wicker is made with superior quality Swiss-made Ciba Geigy Carbon-based UV stabilizer to better suit harsh climates. All wicker is manufactured at the aluminum extruding factory and then woven by hand.
d Tortuga's aluminum finish and wicker weaving for all aluminum products is tested and inspected by a Quality Control team at the point of manufacture.
d Travertine Mosaic Tables: Each tile will slightly vary in color, markings, veins and texture. This is a natural characteristic for this surface. All stainable liquids will need to be cleaned off the surface immediately to prevent permanent staining. Periodic maintenance of the initial factory sealer with a penetrating exterior masonry sealer is also recommended. Follow application instructions. Avoid using solvents or abrasives on the table.
d Cushion Care: Increase the lifespan of your cushions by storing in a dry place when not in use. Brush off dirt regularly when the fabric is dry. Sponge lightly with natural soap and lukewarm water. DO NOT DRY-CLEAN, MACHINE WASH, TUMBLE-SPIN DRY, BLEACH OR USE ANY SOLVENT TYPE CLEANERS.
d Tables and Glass: Clean with a standard glass cleaner. Hot water must NOT be used on the table glass. All table glass is TEMPERED so it can be many times stronger than ordinary glass. Also for safety reasons, if the tempered glass is cracked, it should safely shatter into small pieces. Acts of nature, dropping items onto the table, leaning, sitting or standing on the table as well as any improper usage voids the warranties. DO NOT reposition the table by dragging it! Tables larger than 100cm in width or length should have TWO people move it.
d Positioning your furniture under a shade cloth structure like awnings or pergolas will also maximize the lifetime of its original look. Alternatively, buying covers for the table and chairs should also lessen the extent of damage caused by the environment.

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