Mysteriously, kids all across America are steering clear of their expensive backyard swing sets, and, in some cases, they have abandonded those swing sets altogether. The big question is "why"? Often, parents believe that their children have outgrown the backyard playset or simply have become bored with it, but there may be a completely different reason for the lack of interest kids are showing in their own playground equipment. The standard variety backyard playground sets usually come with swings, a slide, and monkey bars. But, there is no such thing as a standard variety kid. Each child has a need to move his or her body in particular ways, and standard backyard playground sets don't always meet those needs.

Some kids, for example, simply do not care for the sensation of swinging back and forth. Instead, they may prefer to spin. Others can become easily nauseated by spinning and look for ways to hang from their hands or legs. Knowing the different ways that your children prefer to move their bodies will give you important clues that suggest what kind of swing set accessories to add to existing backyard playground equipment. Adding the right swing set accessories can save your expensive equipment from neglect and provide kids with a safe and satisfying place to play.


Kids who like the feeling of swinging back and forth may become easily bored with the basic belt swing that usually comes with backyard swing sets. Glider swings offer an alternative and fun way to swing solo or with a buddy. Disc swings, sometimes known as daisy swings, are another option. These provide the swinging sensation along with a bit of an upper body challenge. Younger kids who want to swing but who may not be ready for a belt swing or glider donít have to feel left out; bucket swings and half bucket swings make for excellent beginner and transition swings. Both are safe and fun.


While spinning can nauseate some kids, it feels fantastic to others. Kids who prefer to move in circles will love a tire swing attachment. Tire swings are fun way to spin with friends, too.


Swing sets can be easily outfitted with a rope ladder or rock wall feature so that kids who want to climb and stretch their limbs can meet their needs for whole body movement and motor planning.


Hanging around, whether by the hands or legs, is fun for lots of kids, and it feels good on joints and muscles. Providing a trapeze bar or monkey bars is an easy way to give kids a satisfying way to "hang out."


Many kids are very tactile and love the feel of burying hands and feet in a substance like sand. Backyard swing sets can be easily equipped with a sandbox feature. Sandboxes can be affixed to existing swing sets, or they can be placed nearby so that our little excavators can dig to their heartsí content. Sandboxes should always be covered when not in use, though, so obtaining a sandbox cover is a must in preventing neighborhood animals from soiling the sand at night or during other quiet times.

Explorers and Pretenders

When kids are feeling most creative, they can take advantage of swing set accessories like telescopes, periscopes, binoculars, and steering wheels which are attached to swing sets. Other swing set accessories that spark the imagination include talk tubes, play houses, and club houses. Kids can pretend their way into incredible situations as long as their swing sets provide the necessary ingredients.

In short, if your kids seem to be avoiding your backyard swing set, and instead it has become a hot spot for the spiders to practice web building skills, take a minute to think about the kinds of body movements your kids enjoy. Does the backyard swing set offer your children ways to move that meet those needs? If not, try adding a few new swing set accessories that complement your kidsí preferences. You may be surprised to find the spiders moving out because the swing set is back in full swing!

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